SPRING SESSION (8 Weeks):  Feb 24-May 12

  • $320 for the entire session or $25 per visit (payable to SG Tennis)

  • No JD on following dates- Mar 10-11 (Spring Break), Mar 31- Apr1 (Easter), April 21-22 (Doubles Challenge)

  • Rain Dates will be made up at the end of the session

  • Please Note - Times may be adjusted on some weekends to accommodate USTA Team Tennis.


Players will be placed on the court according to their level of play.

  • TOURNAMENT LEVEL –  All players on the varsity tennis team are encouraged to sign up! The workout will consist of drills, point play and match play. This is a great way to get a head start on the spring season! Players from other schools will also be invited to participate.

  • LEVEL 1 –  Players on the middle school tennis team, seasonal players, and players that have just picked up the sport are encouraged to sign up! This class is typically for middle school and upper school age kids. Players will work on stroke development, point play and match play at their pace! 

  • LEVEL 2 –  Kids, ages 8-11, will learn the basic rules and stroke fundamentals while participating in fun drills and games. Players will learn the correct way to hit the ball in order to build a strong foundation for future play. Sportsmanship and positive attitude are emphasized. 


For more information please feel free to contact:

Ronny Bran - (501)253-1220 or rbran@sgis.org

Mark Bran - (901) 651-0159 or mbran@sgis.org